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AKBD-04 Heroine Erotice Fight 002

Actresses: Suzuka (Crash SUZUKA) The Red Corner: Crash SUZUKA 112.35 lbs 13 Bouts 11 Wins 2 Draws Ran Abe (RAN Beauty) The Blue Corner: RAN Beauty 108.32 lbs 10 Bouts 9 Wins 1 No Contest About the Rules: The fighters will compete in matches consisting of three rounds, with each round lasting for fifteen minutes. A fight can be won by three counts, submission tap out, or orgasm by “Lock On” system. The winner will be decided by the rules above. Lock-on system means … a competitor who successfully holds another to completely immobilize the opponent can call “Lock on” to summon a “kuroko” stagehand with a special massager vibrator, who will use it to torture every part of the opponent’s body. The bout begins quietly, but it is RAN Beauty who attacks first by holding the opponent’s shoulder and she quickly moves on to the bear hug and cries, “Lock on.” Then a masked man with a vibrator appears in the ring and uses it between the legs of Crash SUZUKA to torture her! She then applies the Boston Crab and gives damage to her opponent. Ran Beauty looked dominant in the fight, but Crash SUZUKA counters the attack with the figure four leglock and then she cries, “Lock on!” Neither fighter has performed any decisive move so far in the first round. The second round begins and all of a sudden RAN Beauty does what no one had even dreamed of! Holding SUZUKA firmly, she cries, “Tiger”!! SUZUKA is punishmentd by the hand of Tiger who suddenly showed up. Is this really the end of their battle?

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