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ZDAD-91 Sexual Dynamite Heroine 07 Alice the Galaxy Police

Alice the female investigator has been fighting against Fooba with her cyborg partner, Rainer. She protects the journalist, who disguises herself as a nurse, while fighting against Garla. Just when Alice corners Garla, Leechleech attacks her by sucking her blood and energy. Rainer makes it on time before she falls unconscious but the priest eats the leech to gain more power. Priest Law commands Garla to capture the female investigator because he wants to enjoy eating Alice’s power. Soon after, Alice falls into Garla’s trap and a different monster attacks her. Rainer comes to save her once again but the virus makes Rainer fight against her. Alice flees to her spaceship but Fooba awaits her. Can Alice endure the torture!? Can Alice save the planet from Fooba!?

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