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ZDAD-81 Heroine Pinch Omnibus09 JK Slayer - Part Karura

Asura is confined inside a body of a girl named Mikoto. She fights against the demons to protect the citizens. One day, Masaru sends Mikoto’s paper to the Beauty Contest so she can become popular. But Mikoto firmly refuses to enter the contest. One day, Makoto gets in fight with Shizuma and his friends. The Buddhist priest scolds her and forces her to make a vow not to get in fight again... Mikoto is put into a counseling gathering. She finds a chance to make a compromise with Shizuma… She finds him helping an old man and gradually opens her feelings toward him. But a girl, who is in love with Shizuma, threatens Mikoto because she was also entering the beauty contest. Mikoto decides to enter the Beauty Conest to get a revenge on her and begins training for the contest. Meanwhile, there was a new enemy approaching her…

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