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ZATS-32 Burning Action Super Heroine Chronicles 32 Scarlet Angel

Iyu Hayakawa works in Akatsuki church as a sister. In fact, she used to be trained in the crime organization “Noir” as a battle agent. She was given drugs and became Scarlet Angel who has enormous power, speed, and reflexes. However, Iyu has left the organization and now tries to destroy Noir with priest Karasuma. One day, she rescues Azusa Yamaoka who was attacked by punks of Chiryu-Kai, a gang that is backed up by Noir. Chiryu-Kai plots to get the land where Azusa runs factory to construct a big pachinko parlor. Chiryu-Kai investigates Iyu’s background and abducts Azusa Yamaoka. Chiryu-Kai employs Dragon Angel, a battle agent of Noir like Scarlet Angel, to revenge on Iyu…

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