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ZATS-17 Burning Action - Superheroine Chronicles - Dragon Hazard

An anti-government group named ‘Liberty Tiger’ rebelling against Qing Dynasty is planning a terrorist attack in Japan, using a biological weapon. Li Fang, the Qing Dynasty’s ambassador, has received leaked information from a certain source, the evidence proving the Qing government’s involvement in the planned attack. Li Fang secretly attempts to prevent the attack, but an informant in the Qing government sets out to stop Li Fang by hiring assassins. They try to kill the ambassador’s young son Yuan Fang who had witnessed everything about the conspiracy, but one of the assassins Kei betrays the partners to save his life. After the fierce battle Kei saves the boy, but Kei gets shot by the government agents and severely wounded. She somehow survives, but has lost her memories. The butler Wang says they should turn in the injured assassin to the Qing government, but Yuan disagrees and conceals Kei in his house, who has saved his life. Their peaceful days are cut short when a mole in the ambassador’s mansion informs Liberty Tiger that Kei is still alive. To eliminate all the evidence of their sabotage plan, Liberty Tiger attacks the ambassador’s house, but Kei defeats all the enemy warriors, unconsciously using her martial arts skills. To get rid of Kei, Liberty Tiger employs a seasoned mercenary. They capture Yuan, and demand the evidence showing the connection between the terrorist attack and the Chinese government be handed over, in exchange for release of the hostage. To rescue the captured Yuan, Kei enters the enemy’s hideout on her own, engaging herself in the life-or-death fight....

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