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ZATS-13 Burning Action - Superheroine Chronicles Burnout Neo Vol.1

Misa and Lynn is a female pair of the Special VIP Protection Team called ’the Garuda.’ A mission given to them this time is to guard a developer of the Neo-Energy, Dr. Kanbayashi(means the god forest) and to arrange him to meet safely with his son who has been left in the west side. While Misa and Lynn are thrown into confusion by an eccentric man Dr. Kanbayashi, the mission seems to be successful without accident. But they suddenly have a surprise attack by a mysterious group, and they’re driven into a corner! Misa and Lynn divide into two hands and beat the foes one after another. But the boss named Seeker appears, and beats up Misa with overwhelming power. In the meantime, Lynn is rescued with backup from the headquarters in hairbreadth place. Yet, Misa and Dr. kanbayashi are totally captured by the enemy’s organization. After the criminal investigation, Lynn traces the true wirepuller but simultaneously knows a fearful past of Dr. Kanbayashi. Well, is it possible for Misa to escape from this plight and rescue Dr. Kanbayashi!?

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