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ZATS-12 Burning Action Superheroine Chronicles - Sailor Cats Vol.2

Through the black hole that suddenly appeared, Kotori and her friends managed to come back to the present time, but because of Sailor Cat’s activities in the past, the history of Japan has changed in a small but vital way! Japan in Edo period is now ruled by the Akechi Shogunate instead of the Tokugawa Shogunate! Sailor Cats travel back in time to the tenth year of tensho (1582), to protect the life of Ieyasu! Sailor Cats save Ieyasu in the nick of time from enemies, and they head for Mikawa again. In the meanwhile, the Kouga forces with Inumaru commence an all-out war! Will Sailor Cats, who have lost her high-tech weapons after so many battles, win the war against the Kouga army? And can they take Ieyasu back to Mikawa safely and bring the course of the history back on to the correct timeline?

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