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TRE-38 Heroine Surrender Vol.38 - Planet Force Earthman - Newborn Earth Pink

Newly born Earth Pink battles with a specter of the Brainer, an organ of crooks, and wins over. Praised by her colleagues and made a member of Earthman, she is assigned a security guard job of a nondescriptive middle-aged man whose life is allegedly threatened by the Brainer. But, this man harasses Maya Momoshiro, aka Earth Pink, sexually. Harassment continues while the Brainer is on the attack. Earth Pink scolds the middle-aged man in earnest, when another specter of the Brainer appears. With the radio disturbance, Earth Pink fails to send for colleague support and gets kidnapped and tortured. The middle-aged man helps Earth Pink out, but she gets caught again by the Brainer’s specter and their fighters. The Brainer’s specters demand the middle-aged man to molest her to damage her mind. As the middle-aged man keeps apologizing to Maya Momoshiro, aka Earth Pink, he thrusts his penis into her mouth, but something is awfully wrong. Spewing cum into her mouth aplenty, the middle-aged man transforms into a Brainer’s cadre to reveal his true identity. The first specter defeated was the cadre’s brother. His rage and hatred for her are to be made up for by betraying her and seeing her utterly dejected. He keeps screwing Earth Pink, who is now full of chagrin. Made to take shameful poses as she gets disgraced, Earth Pink continues feeling ecstatic, losing consciousness and squirting. Maya Momoshiro, aka Earth Pink, is tamed to be the Brainer’s sex servant... [Bad ending]

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