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TRE-32 Heroine Surrender Vol.32 - Princess wonder

The Wonder-Princess, who came from the universe far in the distance, has set herself up as a tabloid magazine’s journalist called Aika Katou(means a lovely wisteria) as her knight-errantry, and been keeping the peace of the earth. One day, Aika perceives the space offender appeared in a dry riverbed, and hastens at the spot with her senior journalist, Kamei (means a turtle in a well) and aims at a scoop of the space offender. At first in order to beat the space offender she has to transform herself into the Wonder-Princess, however she misses to photograph the scoop. Therefore she has to get the punishment for it. So, such Aika has to pretend herself to enjoy such a humiliating life in the earth. At the time, an atrocious criminal named Beelzebub of the Wonder star breaks the prison jail, and is watching for a chance of revenge to the Wander-Princess. Actually Beelzebub once served to the king as the watch soldier of the Wonder Castle for many years, but he sold his soul to a person of the evil world and became an evil world beast and he threatened the public. But Beelzebub was defeated by the Wonder-Princess and was captured, and was put in the prison. And Beelzebub, who has turned into the demon of revenge, is carrying out a fearful plan in order to surrender the Wonder-Princess... [BAD END]

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