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TRE-27 Heroine Surrender Vol.27 - Great Girl

Day after day, a righteous heroine, the Great-Girl has fought against evils. However, she obtains one and only weak thing. That’s the Creepton Crystal. Only bring the crystal close to her, she feels in pain and cannot bring her ability into full play. And one day, an extremely wicked criminal, Mr. Fox finds out about it. The Great-girl is driven into a deadly corner for a time and she becomes his captive, being treated so harshly. But somehow she succeeds in escaping from him. And the Great-Girl conquers her weakness with an indomitable spirit while she writhes in serious pain. Then, she tries to catch Mr. Fox. However, Mr. Fox prepares for the strongest monster named the Breaker, in order to engrave real defeat on her mind. All of the Breaker’s abilities are superior to the Great-Girl, so she is totally treated so harshly and is beaten completely. And the Great-Girl is about to face the worst time in her life.

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