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TRE-20 Heroine Surrender Vol.20 Secret Gardner

Rachel is a member of Secret Gardner, a group of professional bodyguards. She accepts a job to infiltrate the war zone Sundance and deliver a classified document. Rachel learns it is impossible for her and her client to pass the checkpoint, so they decide to force their way through the dangerous zone where criminals are hanging around. She defeats a vicious enemy chasing them and her mission seems going well at first, but things suddenly change when she encounters street gangs and gets involved with a scuffle with them. She tries to ignore the punks and proceed her mission, but she is taken off guard and her document is stolen. Rachel sneaks into the enemy’s hideout to retrieve the document, but the sex-starving street gangs cunningly demand her sexual act for them. To accomplish her mission, Rachel has to obey the hostage-holding thugs who make her a sex servant and outlet for their animal-like sexual desire. Rachel endures disgrace, thinking it will end soon, but the street gangs’ sex punishment escalates and Rachel’s mind and body start to be ruined…

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