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TRE-19 Heroine Surrender Vol.19 Super Beegle

The Supper-Beegle has been once captured by the Devil-Empire and converted into a remodeling human being, but one day she succeeds in escaping from prison. And she mows down both the combatants and the monster who’re chasing after her. After a while the Beegle accidentally meets with an old man and is given shelter by him. But the old man is captured by the Devil-Empire’s new assassin named the Black-Vision, and also she is completely beaten by the overwhelming power and is pulled and taken away into their secret base for her brainwashing. However the Black-Vision is so irritated at the Supper-Beegle because with her strong mind she is never given up against the brainwashing machine. So the Black-Vision takes another way, that surrenders her body to weaken her mind. The Black-Vision tries to enhance her sexually excitement as a remodeling human being with some feeble electricity and make his combatant drill his pole into her pink hole. In addition to that the Black-Vision implants some dissolute circuit into her belly as her re-remodeling surgery, and completely disgraces her as much as he likes. Due to effect of the dissolute circuit, the Supper-Beegle reaches her acme of excitement and ecstasy, and finally she is going to be... BAD END

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