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TRE-14 Heroine Surrender! Vol.14

Arashi Detective Office, handling only special cases, one day has an assignment from an investigation officer. The office is asked to obtain sure evidence for the personnel placement agency Nice engaging in human trafficking. Ai, assistant to Arashi, a pretty Ninja detective, contacts as a decoy a broker of the agency and succeeds in infiltrating the Nice’s hideout. But, she gets Arashi taken as a hostage, which renders Ai to fall into the hands of the enemy. The Nice’s broker interrogates and tortures her to become a sex servant to be put on servant auction. Drugged with narcotics, Ai ends up losing her senses, turned into a sex maniac craving for carnal pleasure. There comes a sex servant man with a huge cock with narcotics dabbed on, who thrusts it deep into Ai’s cunt. Deranged by persistent pleasure torture, Ai is now all worked up as a sexual creature to be put on the auction where a group of buyers gather to measure her up. Will she be bid for as a servant?

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