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TRE-08 Heroine Surrender! Vol.08

Ai is a special agent hunting down space criminals. She arrests one of the twin aliens Darren, but his brother Gyllen escapes. Gyllen then takes Commander of Space Federal Bureau hostage and makes a secret deal with Ai to set Darren free. That is, Ai must break into the space prison herself where Darren is locked up! As Commander is taken hostage, all Ai can do is obey. She sneaks in the maximum security prison, but is stopped by the guards. Ai submits to the sexual harassment-like body checks by the guards to deflect their attention. Ai endures disgrace, but her body cannot resist the guards’ persistent finger movements and she starts to lose her reason. Besides, as Ai cannot disobey Gyllen who is monitoring every action of her, she also becomes victim to sex-starved guards and their hard and erect penis. Ai somehow succeeds in the original plan of prison breaking, but she falls prey to the frog-type alien Gyllen and his inter-sexual mating. Ai loses her reason completely before the Gyllen’s sausage which is quite unlike a human’s and she falls into the hell of carnal pleasures in the end.

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