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TRE-06 Heroine Surrender! Vol.06

Skull Emperor, mastermind of the space crime organization Galdesser, hears the rumor that there is a black market where Earth’s women are sold at a high price, so the syndicate plans to kidnap all the women on Earth. Our super heroine Justy Lady fights Galdesser, trying to stop their heinous plans, but she is beaten by the female monster Exolla who captures her, gives her sex training and intends to sell her as earthling woman. Justy Lady’s will never surrenders, but her body slowly succumbs to pleasure and in spite of herself she starts to cry and moan, humiliated, and wallowing in pleasure. Justy Lady is disgraced by the boss Skull Emperor, and then disgraced by lower-rank combatants too, and even tormented by a bunch of failed cyborgs. Justy Lady has a very miserable end. 【BAD END】

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