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TRE-03 Heroine Surrender! Vol.03

Ruri, a daughter of a medical director at university hospital, works at the hospital as a nurse. But, she also has another face... It is a member of Earth Defense Agency with a code name ”Love Joy.” She has a special faulty with which she beats down agents sent from some organization to find out about her. Meanwhile a new doctor Seki comes to the hospital; he is her fellow student at their medical school. While they enjoy catching up each other, Dr. Teshigawara comes up to them and offers a tour to show Seki about the hospital. As they enter a room Seki gets a brainwashing shot by an inferior of Dr. Teshigawara. And he medical director, too, gets restrained by Dr. Teshigawara. Having no idea about this confinement, Ruri comes into the room where her dad is confined. Brainwashed Seki is also in the room and he disgraces her right in front of her dad. Swallowing down his cum Ruri is now...

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