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TRE-01 Heroine Surrender! Vol.01

When Misaki was on her vacation, she was suddenly ordered an emergency mission to cease an incident of bank rubber triggered by a gang of four armed men. Misaki urgently rushed to the scene of the incident, and she promptly succeeded to control criminals because she had big help by the bank guard who only did well to escape from the rubbers. But unfortunately she was taken hostages by one of rubbers who carried out bombs, and finally she was also bound by them. They started to disgrace Misaki in order to make her feel public surrender in front of the hostages on the spot. But they were not satisfied with that simple plot. And they tried to destroy her rational emotion gradually by their hellish surrender that was repeatedly stopped and given the sensual pleasure before the edge of her climax. Is it possible for Misaki to arrest those bad gays after conquering her ever-lusting hot flaming carnal desire!

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