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TBB-59 Heroine Suppression Vol.59

Spandexer, the princess on Planet Omega, has been battling with criminals on the earth as a Heroine of justice. One day, Dr. Murata the research authority on O-parts finds Omega Stone, the treasure of Planet Omega. Spandexer succeeds narrowly in rescuing the doctor from the evil hands of Uncle Sam the crime syndicate. But, a horrible incident happens at the laboratory of Dr. Murata where a research on Omega Stone is in progress. In front of Dr. Murata, who recites the magic words prescribed on Omega Stone, appear the guards of vicious Gerhardt Empire that destroyed Planet Omega! The guards, the blood family sealed in Omega Stone, takes Dr. Murata as hostage to revenge Spandexer and lures Spandexer to the laboratory. Spandexer battles a deadly battle with the guards but finally gets cornered by the four major guards in combination attacks. Can Spandexer endure the ever increasing attacks by the four major guards!? [Bad ending]

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