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TBB-36 Heroine Suppression Vol.36

An insect-shaped alien ”Insecter” suddenly descended from outer space and began to attack human beings. Minami Aose as Bird Bule, the only woman of the secret ninja force ”Bird Five” formed to fight back against Insecter, gets stung and poisoned by a scorpion-shaped alien ”Scorp” during a battle against the enemy. Although Minami manages to escape, she gets caught in her natural state by Scorp and a mantis-shaped alien ”Mandes” and gets driven into a half-dead situation after receiving lynch-like torture. Yet Minami has a narrow escape despite being deprived of her transformation bracelet. She provokes a battle to Mandes to regain her pride and gets only one step away from hunting it down. However, she gets shot with a gun which emits rays that release transformation and is subjected to fierce torture in captivity. Despite being covered all over with wounds, Blue succeeds in defeating Scorp and Mandes. But it is not yet the end of battle...

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