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TBB-32 Heroine Suppression Vol.32

A superior Sharekoba orders Berojo to get Yatta Girl’s Angel Stone. Now, Berojo takes the mission very seriously because the failure inflicts mean punishments. She captures Yatta Girl after a fight, but Yatta Girl will not say where Angel Stone is. In order to get the place of Angel Stone, a number of tortures are inflicted on her. These tortures include hitting the body by a bar, tying up the breasts and groin by chains. She is made to sit onto a torture plate with a torturer standing or a heave concrete hammer on her legs, or to carry a crane on her back. Berojo then bites and grabs her body. Yatta Girl get electrified by electric starfish, receives electric beam being hanged in the air, and finally a poisonous liquid is administered on her face.

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