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SMHO-06 The Fall! Double Ame-Comi Heroines

Two guardian goddesses protect the peace of this planet. One is Wonder Lady who is an experienced fighter with beauty and confidence. The other is Super Woman who is a beautiful young fighter with less experience as a heroine. This is the story of two superheroines. WL beats combatants relentlessly due to her excessive pride and confidence. So, she sometimes overdo it. Meanwhile SW gets into a panic because she faces her weakness ore. A variety of tortures attack the two women relentlessly. They suffer Whip Torture to Crotch with X-shaped Crucifixion, Wonder Breath Crush with Holding Arms, The Limbs Bone Crush. Besides, strange creature parasites her stomach. They are striped their costumes and restricted in the nude. Don’t lose double Ame-Comi heroines!!! [BAD END]

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