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JOVD-22 Project to make a heroine's body a sex organ

Saaya Nishizaki, only girl member and sub-leader of the Dual Rangers, has discovered where the legendary hidden treasure Calamity Stone is. She hurries to the location to get the gem before the vice group Destarod gets hold of it for wrong use. Having discovered the location at the same time, Destarod assaults her by surprise. After a deadly fight, she corners the enemy but gets into a pinch, trying to save her colleague Red, and finally surrenders to the enemy. Big Oracle Gordja of Destarod hates Duel Pink and wishes to give her disgrace more ghoulish than death. In exchange for Duel Red’s life, he suggests a condition; that is, don’t do anything and say nothing... Sensing Duel Pink’s suppressed desire, Calamity Stone starts glistening. Gordja never misses it and begins molesting Pink in her delicate parts to excerbate her desire. She finally starts releasing pheromone from her underarms with formidable odor, and Gordja attaches to her a device to blow the underarm odor directly at her, finally knocking her unconscious. At last, Pink has discharged her desire in full force and her whole body turns into vagina, engaging in endless sex with everyone on the street... [Bad ending]

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