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JOVD-10 Parasite Heroine

Miki is an ordinary girl, but her life changes forever when a strange parasitic creature from outer space starts living inside her body. As her physical abilities grow tremendously, so does her confidence, and her sexual desire also grows intense and strong! Moreover, the parasite Lidary sometimes controls her body while she is sleeping, with its increasing power that fills her body. Lidary is in fact a parasitic creature that lives inside the body of indigenous life forms for its self preservation and reproduction. The host loses consciousness right after the infestation, but as the parasite becomes more active, it eventually manipulates the host’s movement and even thought. Before her body and mind are taken over completely, Miki has to get rid of the parasite inside her. To get the information she needs, she has to confront the master parasite. But can Miki find the answer before the parasite takes over her body? [BAD END]

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