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GXXD-87 Heroine Escape Surrender Play - Wonder Lady

Wonder Lady, the beautiful, wild American Comic Heroine, wakes up in a mysterious dimensional space. After being blinded by a hypnotic ray while in fight and captured, she has been imprisoned by a hideous gang that operates fishy games of lust and vice for money and desire. Unless she challenges and clears these games, she would have her colleagues killed and be unable to remove the collar that keeps her incapacitated. One trap after another awaits her in the virtual space. She gets hurt, with her costume melt away and her body and spirit wane. Wonder Lady barely clears the games in which she is forced to talk dirty with sordid language and engage in a humiliating hand and mouth job of working up her colleague to ejaculate. In the final stage, she fights with the specter in the mirrored room, but her body is all crumpled up. She is lost and disgraced by the fighters, all of whom come inside her. Will Wonder Lady overcome the mean attractions and survive? [Bad ending]

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