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GXXD-82 Justice Enforcer Beautiful Girl Detective Mirage Scanty Getting Out Of Danger

The Crisis Academy is the most famous residential prep school in Japan known for its Spartan education, headed by the schoolmaster Sadism. Under his guiding principles, students are always strained in anxiety and fear. But, since some time ago, a phantom savior named Scanty, a girlie detective, has come to prevail justice in the academy. She comes naked, covered only with a scanty on her face with holes around her eyes. She wields her sexy attacks on the follower teachers of Schoolmaster Sadism and knocks them out. People has started calling her Phantom-Can. Her true identity is Sumika Fuji, a daughter of police officer parents, grown up in a family full of justice education. Yarning for the Superheroine Masked Glamour, who would not mind getting naked for causes of justice, she has chosen to wear the scanty mask with vermillion gloves, boots and a muffler to save troubled students. This has annoyed Schoolmaster Sadism. Today, Phantom-Can sets out to rescue the students in confinement. But, something is awry today. Closing in on the imprisoned students, she talks to them, when the lights in the cellar suddenly are tuned on and the students whom she is to rescue rush to her and restrain her body motionless. Phantom-Can is confined. Then, Schoolmaster Sadism rips off her scanty mask to reveal her identity, yelling out ”Let me search you, girl!” There stands Sumika Fuji, the idol of the Academy. in her bare face. The schoolmaster’s hand reaches for Sumika’s panty! Sumika wiggles her hips in protest, but the panty is taken away to expose her groin, with the legs spread wide apart. Now, she is bare faced, with her private part revealed to the schoolmaster. He puts chloroform to her mouth, sending her unconscious. When awake, she finds her hands and legs strapped to a chain, lying on a big bed alone with the schoolmaster... ”I’m going to relish your body like I dreamed...!” Sumika Fuji is screwed while under restraint... [Happy ending]


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