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GXXD-81 Online Heroine Public Execution - Iron Woman

A young queen of Kingdom of August, Sophielear, after the king passed away, she has secretly pretended herself to be a man and conducted the affairs of state as one who has royal blood of the king in her veins. One day, she sees a civilian who is attacked by a member of the peace committee, Shadow, and she rescues the person. Actually, Sophielear has kept the peace of Augus as the Iron-Woman, the Savior of the town. However, one person has slightly suspected the true character of the Iron-Woman is Sophielear. He’s one of the king’s close-attendants, Duke of Cloud. He also strongly believes that Sophielear is a woman and fixes his eyes on that, and is aiming at the king’s post. Then, in order to reveal the Iron-Woman’s true character, Cloud plots kidnapping Sophielear’s only son, Boneles. Without any knowledge, Sophielear transforms herself into the Iron-Woman and sneaks into Cloud’s mansion. However, a person who is awaited is an alchemist, Mikerudo. And a fearful artificial life, Homunculus, who has been created by dark alchemy, attacks the Iron-Woman. Well, is it possible for the Iron-Woman to light the fire of hope in Augus, or is she going to be surrendered in front of the public after her true character is revealed! [BAD END]


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