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GXXD-79 Heroine Awakening - Slutty Masked Heroine

Reiko Ijuin is not just a rich family’s daughter. She is also the only daughter of Ijuin zaibatsu conglomerate, and the student council president of a prestigious all-girl high school. One day after school, however, she is disgraced by a pervert in the school council room. She resists the man desperately, but he is too strong for her. Reiko loses her virginity to the rapist who cums inside her again and again. After a while she regains consciousness and Reiko is terribly shocked at what just happened to her, especially the fact that she really enjoyed the pleasures of having a sex with the rapist who cummed inside her. Reiko, who cannot forget the pleasures of being disgraced and cummed inside, becomes Slutty Masked Heroine at night, to save the girls assaulted by the perverts and have a sex with them to be cumed inside. Wherever a sex pervert is, Slutty Masked Heroine appears to be fucked, to save the girl.[HAPPY END]

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