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GXXD-78 Muscle Hermaphrodite Heroine - Storm Lady

While a high school teacher, Milia Takamori(means a girl in a hawk’s forest) spends peacefully every day, as the-Storm-Lady, who is a mutant with a mask, obtaining the physical beauty which is comparable to males, she has stopped subversive activity of an evil organization named the Vandeshine(means kill instantly). However, one day her crotch begins to swell and grow a splendid masculine penis. Masculinization of her body has been starting gradually, and the masculine penis has been growing as a sensitive sexual feeling spot the same as the female sexual organs. While perplexing, she is seduced by sexual pleasure peculiar to a male, and without hesitation, she begins masturbation in the gymnasium of the school where she works. Nobody is supposed to see what she’s doing secretly, but her fellow teacher, Miyoshi sees this and snaps photos of her. And it is used as a black-mail and she is taken to the secret base of the evil organization, the Vandeshine. At first, her school student, who is totally brainwashed by the Vandeshine’s cadre named Kashiragi(means a head man), rubs her boastful muscles with his immature young penis, and next, her fellow teacher, Miyoshi jerks off her growing penis by the hands... And she experiences her first ejaculation. But it isn’t finished yet. The Semen-Sucking Tool is put into her penis, and her semen is squeezed out repeatedly, and while her penis is being stimulated, Kashiragi inserts his pole into her, and the Storm-Lady experiences sexual pleasure of both a male and a female. Well, by the way, how come the Vandeshine tries to make her ejaculate so obstinately? What’s the real secret of the Storm-Lady’s flesh? [BAD END]


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