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GXXD-77 The Heroine Surrender Suppression Party -SUPERLADY ZERO

The SUPERLADY(abbreviated as SL) hurries the midnight sky. She cannot find the figure of the Shinigami(means the Death) in abolished tenements where she flies down, and only the indecent massage laugh at her scornfully. In the next morning, Erika Misaki(means a girl with a beautiful blossom) stands on a class platform and tells the students that a serial rapist has frequently appeared near the school so that the students should leave school right after their classes and ban the after-school’s activities. Marino Satoya(means a tough pear in the countryside) asks only for permission of her ballet club activity because it will have the exhibition soon, but the teacher, Erika rejects her offer. So Marino is put into a situation that she has to practice ballet by herself, and then evil hands of Shinigami is about to reach Marino. Erika Misaki appears in prevention just right before―the game of Shinigami gets into stride. And next day, strangely, Marino goes to a place of Shinigami by herself. Actually, the heart of justice and awaking of its power make her turn into SL Marino. However, a dirty trick of Shinigami who chuckles, making two SL girls ruin to the end of the insane-forcible-courting-disgraceful-subjugation play. [BAD and then HAPPY END]

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