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GXXD-76 Heroine Non-Transformation Special Episode - Soldier Aruna

Aruna Yokomizo aka Yellow Soldier belongs to SP Soldiers, the special unit of Space Police. One day Gyadran, chief of Earth’s East Precinct, gives her a special assignment of secretly escorting Ganados, most evil criminal in the universe. While being escorted by Aruna, Ganados indulges in his wild fantasy about her. Aruna, however, knows everything about his lustful reverie, using her extrasensory perception, and sternly suppressed any attempt on his part to sexually harass her. Then suddenly Aruna is ambushed by a horde of Ganados’ men. Aruna transforms into Yellow Soldier and she quickly knocks down all the enemies using her super powers. Ganados tries to escape taking advantage of the confusion, but someone named Dobal interferes. Dobal, a former partner of Gyadran, is now a space private eye. Clearly Dobal has own agenda to follow, one that has led the private eye to the evil criminal. Aruna and Dobal exchange information when they hear an explosion from the jail Ganados is in. They hurry to the destroyed prison only to discover that Ganados has disappeared. Aruna and Dobal decide to find the escaped convict separately, but when Aruna is cautiously looking for Ganados alone, a deep voice familiar to her begins to speak. It is Ganados. ”You are on your own and I was waiting for this chance.” When Aruna turns around, Ganados shows up in front to her. Sensing her danger, Aruna takes out a license case trying to transform, but.... [BAD END]

GXXD-76 01 GXXD-76 02 GXXD-76 03

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