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GXXD-75 Giant Heroine Red Mars

The flesh of the Red-Mars―Shouko Misugi (means soaring from a beautiful cedar) is tattered by fights against invading-aliens and monsters for a long time... However, she unties her bandages which is wrapping her wounded flesh and transforms herself into the Red-Mars so as to exterminate a huge eyeballs monster named Iras which has been destroying a city. But the eyeball monster, Iras applies hypnotism to the Red-Mars, shows an illusion and makes her fight in vain. Actually, it is not only for depriving physical strength of the Red-Mars but also for analyzing her weak points for a sake of their strongest monster named the King-GablerⅢ... Anyway, she barely beats the huge eyeball monster, Iras, but after that day, the Kiiler-Star Alien plotting earth invasion finds out Shouko Misugi before she transfors into the Red-Mars, and then the alien attacks her, and craves and disgraces her wounded body... Now Shouko Misugi encounters a mentally bitter situation because of the alien’s disgrace; however,in order to beat the foe’s strongest monster, the King-GablerⅢ, she tells the truth to her fellows that she’s actually the Red-Mars, and openly she raises her Red-Eye and transforms herself into the Red-Mask again. But the King-GablerⅢbites the flesh of the Red-Mars with its gigantic mouth and makes her scream in agony... In addition, a body fluid which is supposed to be the saliva of the King-GablerⅢdirties her body slimy and torments her wounded flesh... Her Mars-Timer is destroyed and she’s shaken much with the monster’s tentacle tongue, and finally the light of the Red-Mars’ eyes go out... However, she explodes her forbidden mortal technique in exchange for her life in order to protect the earth which she deadly loves. And cruel enough, the Kiiler Star Alien makes the Red-Mars, who falls into ruin in the battle, into gigantic figure in order to disgrace her. She is totally disgraced and dies truly... [BAD END]

GXXD-75 01

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