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GXXD-74 Beautiful Middle-Aged Mask Sanctuary

Maiko is the wife of the new mayor of Empire CITY. She has a big secret that no one, not even her husband, should know about. Being a descendant of the Yoshimori family, Maiko in her young days had been fighting evil as a masked fighter Sanctuary, following the tradition that has been handed down for generations. In order to rid the crime-infested CITY of its evildoers, especially a new cult group Dolgaia that he believes is responsible for crimes, her husband Shusaku plans to enforce a new law Act on Special Measures concerning Prohibition of Specified Anti-Social Organizations. However, the guru of Dolgaia happens to be Archbishop Baros, the most influential man in the town, who is well-connected politically. Baros has his believer stage a car accident to attack Shusaku. Maiko is also attacked, but she manages to escape from the assassin. She suspects that her husband’s car accident was engineered by them, so, wearing the mask again after so many years, she sets off to the address of the man who caused her husband’s accident. What she finds there is not a house, but the headquarters of Dolgaia. Sanctuary knocks out the believers attacking her one after another, but when Baros burns incense, her nervous system stops working. Sanctuary is captured and while her body is fondled by Baros, she is forced to listen to the secrets of her mask and the Yoshimori family. Her entire body is tied up in ropes in a humiliating fashion, and when her mask is removed from the face, the god that lives inside the mask brings her a crushing despair more terrible than Hell.... [BAD END]


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