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GXXD-66 Non-transformation Heroine Surrender - Charge Mermaid

Nanami Aoi(means a hollyhock in seven seas) has been a member of the Earth-Guard-and-Defense-Special-Forces ”The Charge-Five”, and been striving for global defense as the Charge-Mermaid day by day. One day Nanami transforms herself into the Charge-Mermaid and repulses partisans who are taken command by Garuke who is a cadre person of the Galaxy Invading Army, the Gajurma aiming at earth conquest. Garuke who is dispersed by the Charge-Marmaid’s strength has the unmanliness reproach by the head of the organization. However, from a research combatant, good news befalls Garuke who has become irritated with the Charge-Mermaid. Surprisingly, it says that the amount of emergence of the Gaia-Force emitted from the earth which is a source of the energy of the Charge-Five is decreasing extremely temporarily. Garuke cannot stop laughing at the golden opportunity. Garuke makes his subordinates appear at separate five places and succeeds in scattering each member of the Charge-Five. Without noticing an emergency of the Gaia-Force, Nanami appears in front of atrocious combatants of the evil organization, the Gajurma. She thrusts up her arm and tries transforming herself in front of them. But she cannot transform herself... Because there isn’t enough amount of the Gaia-Force. Nanami fights against the enemy without her transformtion, and... [BAD END]

GXXD-66 01 GXXD-66 02

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