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GXXD-65 Heroine's White of the Eyes Faint Hell - Galaxy Woman

Noriko (means a child of a constitution) is a journalist of a third-rate magazine house, and now she keeps watching for illegal-sale spot of a drug. Usually on the outside she’s a dull journalist, but her true character is actually an absolute matchless super heroine named the Galaxy-Woman who fights for justice. The Galaxy-Woman defeats the drug seller easily and leaves there gallantly, and she becomes a newspaper article and is worshipped and deified from the world. The incumbent legislator, Okamura (means a village on a hill), who was manipulating the drug dealing on the reverse side, is wasted the profit talk, and now he’s so furious. Then Okamura orders his secretary, Dokujima(means a poison island) to retaliate against the Galaxy-Woman. From all information, Dokujima suspects that the Galaxy-Woman is a media representative, and he faxes an article about the Galaxy-Woman’s slander to each mass media. And Dokujima lures her near by a certain place. The Galaxy-Woman rushes to the spot without noticing the trap, and a thing that is awaiting her is a vanadium ore that is regarded as the only and weakest object!! The Galaxy-Woman’s power decreases sharply only by being a vanadium ore there, and now she’s not different from an ordinary woman. She is knocked, choked, kicked her crotch, and dropped with a back drop―the Galaxy-Woman is violated by all ways and exposes the white of the eyes repeatedly and faints, but she is awoke forcibly and violated. And in order to bring a low opinion of the Galaxy-Woman, Dokujima and Okamura shoot a video of her pitiable figure that is exposing the white of the eyes while she is being fainted by an electroshock. However, the Galaxy-Woman takes a risk and dashes herself against a subordinate of Dokushima, who has the vanadium ore. The vanadium ore flies out of the building, and she beats the men with her strained power. But all over her body she is exposed to the liquid solution which is made from the vanadium ore by Dokujima and again she is driven into a deadly pinch. While her body is fooled with and violated by the men, she faints and exposes the white of the eyes repeatedly again. And the hardest trial awaits her. When a fake penis which is scraped from the vanadium ore is inserted into her pubic region, there is a mere shadow of the super heroine and is only a pitiable woman, who keeps exposing the white of the eyes and twitches the body... [BAD END]


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