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GXXD-64 Semen-on-Mask-Heroine Hell - Shubiegell Five

Nana Kaisaka aka Spiegel Blue’s fight against the monsters of Galactic Ninja Army “Galanger” continues today, but unbeknown to her, someone has been following her with a hand-held camera. Because of her exquisite beauty, Spiegel Blue has a huge fan base on the internet like an idol star. Some avid fans even upload privately-shot footage of the fighting heroine’s brave battles on the net, which has become sort of a “ritual” for the fans. Takada and Baba are among the most ardent fans of her, and they concoct a devious plan to make her their own, but obviously there is no chance of success, as she is a super heroine after all, and they are just ordinary citizens.... Their ingenious plans hit the wall, but Souther, one of the Galanger officers, shows up before them, offering a key to the main computer of the Spiegel Five’s base. Nana is caught in a cunning trap by Souther and the two men, and is taken to the hideout of the cult religion. Now that they have captured real Nana, all these men in a weird robe cannot hold back any longer, and .... [BAD END]


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