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GXXD-60 Bikini Armor Heroine - Surrendering Female Fighter Hilda

Brave heroine Hilda takes a stand against Garimoth, ambitious demon lord terrorizing the world. She is the leader of a party trying to stop the evil forces including “The Evil Wizard,” and her long journey and days of fierce battles continue. And now ... during the enemy’s attack in the dark forest close to the castle Garimoth, many of the party members are seriously hurt, and the magician, the merchant and her fellow warrior are lost, all using up their life forces. Fortunately a priest passes by and casts a healing magic, and Hilda regains her forces. To gain time for the priest trying to revive her dead partners, Hilda sets out for the castle alone with the sacred sword Thunder God given by the church, but in the dark cave that leads to the castle a series of strong monsters await her.... [BAD END]

GXXD-60 01

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