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GXXD-54 Heroine Surrenders - Space Mercenary Justy Girl

The Death Empire’s supreme, the Dark-Death offers money prize of the Space Mercenary Justy-Girl. Thereunder, she must be captured alive and be submitted. As a trap with the object of luring the Justy-Girl, the Death Empire represses a plutonium refining plant. Now the Justy-Girl puts destiny of the earth on her shoulder and solely ventures into the refining plant. However, she’s outnumbered by the foes. But she tries to fight well against them. However, fruitlessly she is captured mistakenly. With the Dark-Death at the head, they somehow try to submit the Justy-Girl and they put her many torture that stimulate her sense of pain and also give her sexual disgrace that teases woman’s sore spots, and finally they succeed in submitting the Justy-Girl. And after that, the best part is that she swears loyalty toward the Death Empire and she practices sexual torture against the combatants who has betrayed, and she plays a role to practice the reeducation as one of the Death Empire’s combatants day by day, and she is going to live like that. [BAD END]


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