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GXXD-52 Hermaphrodite Heroine Strong Girl

Born on Planet Kreep, Strong Girl is a superheroine who has traveled to Earth with her partner Pretty Girl to fight the evil organization “Magenta.” Strong Girl is a hermaphrodite who has both male and female reproductive organs, and legend has it that only once in hundred years a hermaphrodite is born among Kreeps. However, her unique body has a weakness: that is, only a single ejaculation would cost a Kreep hermaphrodite life energy and eventually causes her death. One day Lady X, leader of Magenta, discovers this secret. Lady X takes Pretty Girl hostage and attempts to force Strong Girl to cum while she is unable to fight back. Strong Girl endures the relentless sex tortures from Lady X, but when Lady X punishments Strong Girl’s male sex organ, she starts moaning in spite of herself. Strong Girl breaks loose from the straps and makes it to her base, but she has to leave her hostage partner. To prepare for another attack from Lady X, Strong Girl laces her unspent semen with deadly poison, and she sets out for the Magenta’s hideout again. However, she is confronted by the brainwashed Pretty Girl, who has turned a wild horny girl. Strong Girl cannot fight her old partner and she gets beaten up by Pretty Girl. Moreover, a kiss of Pretty Girl with poisoned saliva incapacitates her body and helpless Strong Girl is disgraced by her. Strong Girl’s original plan backfires and she tries desperately not to ejaculate, enduring Pretty Girl’s hot licking tongue and her tight vagina squeezing her penis. It is a pleasure she had never experienced before and she finally lets out pre-cum a little. Will she reach orgasm? Is this the end of her life? [BAD END]


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