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GXXD-50 Blitz Woman - Giant Heroine Destroys Cities

Shoko Magami is a member of Earth’s Defense Force, but she is really Blitz Woman, a giant heroine using mysterious powers in transforming, fighting the monsters that terrorize the city. One day, however, because of the head-on clash with an enormous monster, she herself accidentally destroys buildings. Dismayed by her blunder, Blitz Woman gets completely overwhelmed by the fierce attack of the monster that continues to demolish the city. People of the city and even Defense Force start bashing Blitz Woman and she is severely traumatized by the experience. The enemy, taking advantage of her new weakness, begins another attack immediately. Shoko transforms into Blitz Woman again, but her psychological damage is hard to overcome, and while fighting the monster, Blitz Woman crushes not only buildings but vehicles, with her breast, hips and soles. In addition to that, Blitz Woman loses her armor after contacting with high-voltage electric lines, and in the city’s industrial area she slips on a heavy oil tank and falls down, destroying the facilities. Covered in heavy oil, Blitz Woman is disgraced by the monster, but as she keeps struggling hard, the entire city gets ruined. Finally the Defense Force army decides on eliminating the monster and Blitz Woman together, and starts charging energy to the newly invented Plasma Cannon! Blitz Woman is confused because of the unexpected turn of events and she is not very happy as she is about to be attacked by the earthlings she has saved so many times in the past. But this is not the end of the story because an even bigger surprise awaits us in the climax.


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