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GXXD-34 Super Heroine Ecstasy Hell - Bloody Angel Asuna

Asuna, an assassin for justice clad in a special reinforced suit to terminate evil men, is a naughty, unyielding Heroine. Tandem with her partner Kenji, she is busy with fighting the God Birds, a group of evil punishers. Kenji, falling for Asuna, is frustrated by Asuna’s brushing him cool. Then, before Kenji appears Camus, the leader of the God Birds. Drawing on Kenji’s pure, tender heart, Camus succeeds in hypnotizing Kenji. Asuna, in fact, feels attached to Kenji, but she just cannot show it simply. Then, while in mission, she falls into the trap set by the God Birds. Camus and the guys keep fondling Asuna, as they are told by on-lookers. There comes Kenji all hyped up by Camus. who molests and gives hellish pleasures to Asuna, sending her to climaxes... [Bad ending]


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