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GXXD-20 Female Warrior Joan of Arc

Mayo Kuroki, the glamorous beauty, is called a Witch Hunter in the world of darkness, serving as a handy woman to resolve cases where mysterious phenomena like spirits are involved. Herself a witch in fact and she wields a magical power, armed as Joan of Arc, in fighting and subduing demons. Demon Bain who thrives on human desires incarnates himself as a greedy human and pounces upon Joan of Arc. Her knockout magic ”Eternal Flame” has effectively burned out demons so far, but it proves powerless on Demon Bain. Greedy men possessed by demons are now devouring the beautiful body of Joan of Arc, who twitches and cramps under attack on her groin. Burned by demonic flames, she faints in agony, while Demon Bain mounts on her and spews cum inside her. Now content and victorious, believing that they have sucked all her magical power, the demons are at fault in belittling the true power of Joan of Arc... But, now comes Demon Succubus to confront Joan of Arc regaining. Screwed again, with all her magical power drained, she degrades herself into a servant of carnal pleasures as the lowly demons eat her with gusto... Bad ending.


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