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GXXD-18 Witch Girl Heroine Alpure

Alpure has been sent from the magical world to the human world for training and lives as a co-ed under the name of Maria Sumikawa. She has a mission to help the needy with the power of her magic. Satan Titan, on the other hand, wishful of controlling the human world, now recruits followers under the name of Madoh, the principal of a religious sect. Alpure has fought with Satan Titan, wielding her magical power, to subdue him for once. But Satan Titan sets his disciple followers to capture Alpure. Brainwashed but trying to save Titan’s followers whom Alpure just cannot harm, she offers her innocent body for sacrifice... Satan Titan screws Alpure in order to recharge his own magical power. Alpure’s white, smooth skin is soiled by the wicked followers who devour her pink nipples. And, one by one the followers discharge their cum into her groin... Alpure, standing up again to finish Satan Titan, is no match of Satan Titan who has gained in his magical power. Disgraced by Satan Titan, and with the huge vibrator stuck into her groin, the pure body of magical little witch Alpure loses the witchcraft and is exposed miserably to the eyes of Satan Titan’s followers to fall prey to the greedy human sexual desire... Bad Ending.


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