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GXXD-08 Secret Justice f Mirena

Juri is a secret investigator, and while she is sneaking to investigate into some food research laboratory, she is captured by some guards. And a person appears in front of Juri taken away into their warehouse is a beautiful female researcher. However surprisingly the woman changes herself into a monster called Defllazzo in front of Juri. But contrary to that Juri is making a fearless smile instead of being surprised. Juri changes herself into Mirena. Actually that is a Mirena’s strategy until she is captured. Mirena is beating and knocking down the combatants one after another, and she finally manages to fight against Defllazzo by 1 to 1... But Mirena’s chief officer is worrying about her for fighting against invincible powered Defllazzo. Mirena seems to kill Defllazzo with her final deadly blow, but what she sees is that attack by reincarnated Defllazzo. Mirena is so confused and fails her mission, and she is going to experience the full hell course of Defllazzo... 【BAD END】


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