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GXXD-07 Female Agent Blue Sonic

A cool beautiful matured lady ”Mai Kuuki” was a warrior could transform herself into the Lady Special Investigator Blue-Sonic and she was able to move at the speed of sound with her tempered suit. Her mission was to arrest a psycho scientist named Dr. Stein who plotted to control a society by creating his robot empire. At first she really had a hard time to fight against a monster who was able to handle iron whip like a living tentacle, but she could barely beat him. However, legs of Mai as the Blue-Sonic were having physical damage because she always had to move herself at the speed of sound in the midst of transformation. And even if her damage, which was receiving after each transformation, wasn’t still cured, a new cyber monster appeared in front of her. The monster with a huge drill inflicted a wound on the suit of the Blue-Sonic and her exhausted legs. And she was driven into fatal pinch and was forced to be tortured. Whip and drill teasing were awaiting her. In addition to that Dr. Stein sent counterfeited obscene memory through her tempered mask, and he tried to make her so obscene one and to obey any his order by chasing her into a tight corner. But still the Blue-Sonic who didn’t confess her secret was disgraced against her will by a big man who was a son of Dr. Stein, and she was compelled to come so many times. She tried to scratch out his sperms, but she was disgraced again and again. She was resisting against the surrender, but she started to realize real woman’s pleasure and finally she put her long arms around his neck desperately and began to shake her butt by her will...


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