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GXXD-01 Blue Knight

Relena, daughter of King Clive who rules the Kingdom of Sliver Lagoon, conceals her identity and secretly forms a group of chevaliers called “Blue Knight” in order to help the people in need and keep the peace of the land. However, scheming Grand Duke Chrome, close confident of the King, concocts a heinous plan to usurp the power by selling his own soul to a mysterious monk Mebius! Chrome’s first step is to get rid of Blue Knight. Chrome sets a trap for Relina, using her butler Fio. Knowing that Blue Knight is in fact Relena, Chrome puts her on trial in court. Taking advantage of the fact that Relena cannot reveal her identity, Chrome subjects her to the cruelest and most humiliating tortures in public. Will Blue Knight endure the horrifying tortures to the end?


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