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GVRD-74 Amazing Hero Cutie Battle - Vehement Mask vs Fat Women

Vehement Mask is investigating the academy to protect the students from getting tortured by the evil teachers. But the Principle sends out Destroy Girl and Sumo Girl to stop the secret agent... After the tremendous battle, Vehement Mask kills the enemies but accidentally gets shot by the Principle with a live bullet! He tries to revive Vehement Mask because he wants to torture her but... She passes away and wanders in purgatory... The two fighters who Vehement Mask has just defeated awaits her in hell. The King of Hell says she must defeat the the two girls once again, if she wants to get revived. Vehement Mask accepts the challenge but Vehement Mask uses up all her strength. She gets disgraced by the King of Hell...

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