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GVRD-59 Disgrace Hunter Corps. Vs Super Heroine Part 2

A year after the appearance of the Disgrace Hunters, things were beginning to settle down. With the special device created by Riku, a barrier is set up around the Earth to prevent the invasion of the Disgrace Hunters. But this could not completely stop them. While Sailor Plaredeth researches about the impact, Riku dissects a mysterious egg to find a way to fight off the disgrace hunters. The members of the Disgrace Hunters show themselves before Sailor Plaredeth. She almost gets disgraced by the monsters but she uses the special attack to defeat it. Although she felt danger from pursuing the truth, she must fight to regain peace of the world. But more Disgrace Hunters await her arrival. What is going to happen to Sailor Plaredeth!?

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