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GVRD-55 Night Fever V - Ms.Exceed Tickling Disgrace Hell

Miss Exceed of the Night Fever V is perhaps the best fighter in the squad. But she did not have enough strength to fight for a long period of time. While she fights, the enemy voyeurs her moves to find out her weakness. The forces of evil attack five different places at the same time... Miss Exceed has no clue about the traps set up for her. She fights courageously to defeat them all. When she has no power left to battle, the mastermind shows himself. Miss Exceed loses against the monster and gets captured. Inside the enemy hideout, Miss Exceed endures the horrifying torture and doesn’t spill the beans about Night Fever V’s secrets. The secret society sends Tickler to make her confess! When a person is tickled for a long period of time, their mental state will break down. Miss Exceed is disgraced while getting tickled! [BAD END]

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