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GVRD-48 Ame-Comi Heroine Double Disgrace

Wonder Lady and Super Lady destroys the evil robot created by Dr. Ferret. The two girls loved each other very much. The commander ordered Dr. Ferret to defeat the two superheroines, but he never succeeded. Dr. Ferret is given the final chance to defeat them, and sends out R-03. R-03 is a sexaroid, who was more powerful than Wonder Lady. It uses its vibrator rifle on Wonder Lady and forces her to have an orgasm. R-03 also uses its urogenital system to attack her from inside her vagina and shoots out the special aphrodisiac. Later, Super Lady finds out that her beloved partner has been captured. She fights against it but gets defeated easily. Then Super Lady gets violated by R-03 in front of her love… Just when it was about to pour the special aphrodisiac inside her as well, Wonder Lady breaks loose! Will the two be able to defeat R-03!?

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