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GVRD-32 Monoclinous Heroine – GaoMaru – The Wonder Man

During the Japanese Civil War, a man obtained a powerful sorcery and named himself ’Grand Master Gornelias’. His plan is to conquer Japan while the shoguns are fighting against each other. Meanwhile, Juomaru, Shiori, and Monsuke obtain the final ninjutsu from Master Hourai Ninjin. The three warriors begin a journey to prevent Gornelias from dominating their motherland. One day, they come across a man named Sukesaku who was getting chased by Gornelias’ minions. The man explains how his village was raided by Gornelias’ men, but they had no time for a side trip. Monsuke and Shiori split up from Juoumaru momentarily to save the villagers, but Sukesaku turns out to be Mapsyrus, a formidable monster from Gornelias’s Army! Monsuke gets captured and Hebihime tortures Shiori. With Mapsyrus’ magic, Shiori grows a giant penis that will never wither! Monsuke helps Shiori ejaculate because she will turn into a monster if she stops.

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